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Susan from Niger State studying medicine in the Caribbean island of Saint Kits stood to testify to the world of her deliverance from the spirits of lust, masturbation and stealing that had plagued her life from a young age.

 She explained how the spirit of lust entered her at the tender age of ten when she received calls on her mobile phone from an unknown caller, teaching her how to masturbate herself. From there, she began to engage in social networking and watching pornography.

 A naturally brilliant child who excelled in school, Susan’s mind was clouded by lust and she lost focus. At the age of 16, she got into a relationship with a man and to her dismay, tested positive for a pregnancy test.

The doctor in the clinic that confirmed she was pregnant reassured her that he would conduct an abortion. He later told her that in order for the abortion to be possible, she needed to sleep with a man again and persuaded her that she should sleep with him.
The guilt and pain of this episode plagued tormented Susan and the desire for masturbation increased. Her parents struggled for their daughter to get the best education and she was admitted to study medicine in the island of Saint Kits in the Caribbean. Despite the change of environment, the internal struggle continued within Susan and although she would teach her fellow students and they would pass with flying colours, she began to fail her exams, one by one. Along with the spirit of lust, she began to steal things like makeup, clothes from her friends even though she didn’t need them.

  As she was entering her third year of Medicine, the financial strain began to bear on her parents as Susan had to keep repeating her classes. She pulled out and found another university and before she resumed her studies, she went to the UK for a few weeks to stay with her cousin.
--> It was there that the spirit of stealing escalated. After stealing many clothes from a clothes store, she was eventually caught in the very act of shoplifting by the police. It was devastating news for her parents who had to pay a fine to release her.

Upon her return to Nigeria, her mother decided that she had to take her daughter to The SCOAN for deliverance. It was in the overflow congregation that the evil spirit tormenting Susan was exposed and she was finally set free from this bondage. Delighted at her freedom from the spirits of stealing and lust, Susan confirmed that the desire to masturbate and steal had left her. Advising the youth, she said, “We need to draw closer to God. Everything in this world is vanity. The further we live from God, the closer we live to darkness.” Her mother who was hearing her confession for the first time, broke into tears and assured Susan that her past was over and that she loved her. Advising parents, she said “I thought I knew Susan. Parents, please be observant of your children, especially the way they use their mobile phones.” To receive more updates from Frayokit News, kindly SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER or follow us on FACEBOOK and on TWITTER
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